1. Turn off your appliances (TV, DVD, Computer) at the switch when you are not using them. Stand by mode consumes about 20% of energy when appliance is switched on.


2. Replace your lightbulbs to energy efficient CFL compact fluorescent light. CFL lights use only 20% of the energy used by normal lightbulbs.


3. Buy labelled Energy Efficient appliances (Fridge, Washing Machines, Air Conditioner). Always refer to energy rating labels when purchasing.


4. Install a Solar Hot Water system, such as SolarMaxTM and reduce up to 25% of your electricity bills. With hot water system, no electricity is needed to heat water, only the sun power....


5. Make sure each room has a fan (ceiling fan or standing fan) to limit need for air conditioning. Always switch off fan when leaving a room. Fan only removes heat away from body, it does not cool the room.


6. Increase your air conditioning setting temperature from 20ºC to 24ºC. It will allow you to save up to 33% electricity usage.


7. Insulate well your roof with reflective insulation, such as CooLMax™, and reduce up to 10ºC inside your house. More than half of heat gain comes from roof. An effective roof insulation is one of the most important elements to reduce usage of air conditioning.


8. Plant trees around your house, especially at the East and West sides of your house. It will reduce heat gain naturally, before it strikes your house.


9. Equip your windows with sunscreens, especially for East and West facing openings. It will reduce the sun penetrating your house and reduce the heat inside.


10. Practice morning purge. Open your windows early in the morning and let fresh air cool down your house; close your windows and blinds later in the morning, before 9.30am.

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