The epitome of sustainability.

TERREAL Clay Tiles have superior solar reflectance (up to 53% compared to asphalt shingles or concrete tiles) and thermal reflectance of up to 86%, which makes for a better Green roof than any other material. Clay tiles are recognised 'radiators' with their natural ability to limit penetration of radiant heat during the day, re-emitting heat to the outside at night.

With its large curved profile which allows a larger air gap of up to 100mm, TBF clay tiles provide better natural insulation and ventilation with air flowing naturally from eave until the ridge.

Although TERREAL clay tiles come with a standard 10-year warranty, they routinely last fifty years and require no maintenance or refinishing, making it the ultimate sustainable roofing material.

TERREAL clay tiles are all 100% natural, recyclable, made from abundant locally harvested clay with a post recyclable content of 15%, using a manufacturing process that reduces, reuses and recycles, further minimizing the product's environmental footprint. 

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