Herve Gastinel - President

The building industry is a rapidly evolving sector with a major goal that focuses on adding value to territories and promoting more responsible housing. At the heart of these economic, environmental and social aims are builders, who must act sustainably for the collective well-being and better living.

With 400 million euros in turnover and over 2,700 employees in Europe, TERREAL is the reference company in the creation of innovative solutions for the building envelope. Inspired for over 150 years by the beauty and natural advantages of terra cotta, TERREAL develops four primary activities – roofing, façade, structure and decoration – divided among 23 industrial sites in France and internationally.

As the core of the company mission, TERREAL wants to contribute to improving housing by providing its professional clients and end users economic and construction benefits while enhancing aesthetics and comfort. Our company supports its clients – contracting owners, purchasing advisors, contractors, distributors and installers – in the creation of beautiful projects that are more accessible and functional and pay attention to human and environmental health.

By revealing the beauty of the earth in each structure every day, the men and women of TERREAL share their commitment and creativity, serving our partners and their imagination.





Around the world, Terreal means:

    400 million Euros annual sales in 2014 (about $680 millions),

    20 millions m2 of clay roof tiles sold in 2014

    2700 employees worldwide, 

    23 production sites, including 16 in France, with
    subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, USA, Malaysia, Singapore 
    and China.

    130 millions of investment in new production capacity

    An average annual growth rate of 8% for the 10 last

    27% of the turnover abroad.

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