Stainless steel strorage tank casting
Marine grade stanless steel storage cylinder tank
Low iron tempered solar glass
Ultrasonic Blue TiNOX with 31 risers cooper tubes
40mm rock wool heat storing insulation
Stainless steel plate

Harness the green energy of the sun with TERREAL SolarMax™ hot water system.

Heating of water accounts for 32% of household energy consumption the next highest proportion after air-conditioning.

Terreal propose a large range of Solar Hot Water System. Please click on each product for detailed information:

SolarMax™ SolarMax™ Premium

Solar water heaters use only solar energy so eliminate the need for electricity consumption when heating water. And this means as much as a third of a household's energy consumption can be reduced every month in perpetuity.

SolarMax™ solar water heaters are approved INI Innovation in Design.

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