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Autan XL


Autan XL

Autan® XL is the long-length alternative to Autan® (up to 1500 mm). A self-supporting square section, it can be fixed at its two ends in front of a window bay without any intermediate joins. It is available in eleven colours and two finishes (smooth and glazed).


Autan Auan XL dimensions



Autan® XL sunscreen is self-supporting but securing it and making it safe requires that an aluminum bar is passed through it. Fixing plates at both ends join the assembly to a supporting structure, possibly ‘offseting’ a more discreet vertical structure. The structure is generally adjusted to fit in aesthetically with the joinery behind the sunscreen wall.

Autan XL dimensions 


Autan XL fixing


Shade provided: of little importance for each individual Autan® XL assembly. It will be compensated for by reduced spacing, between sunscreens of 100 and 200 mm.


Autan XL shade

Impact resistance: Autan® XL is not very flexible; an impact on the sunscreen therefore subjects the product to great stress; it should therefore only be used in areas free from a signifi cant risk of impact: bays not situated on the ground floor or on a balcony. The metal tubes passing through the products prevent dangerous debris from falling in the event of accidental breakage.

Wind resistance: wind loading on Autan® XL subjects the terracotta to a bending stress. The strenght of this material, with a maximum of more than 10 MPa, makes it suitable for use in most normal wind exposure situations in France for lengths up to 1500 mm, on condition that there are no concentrations of stress, due to an inappropriate fixing system.



Autan XL colours

Autan XL finishes


Autan XL project1


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