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Terreal Malaysia is one of the leading producers of roof tiles.


Terreal has a comprehensive range of roofing components for your needs.


There is no other insulation material works as well as CooLMax™ Thermal Reflective Insulation.


Enjoy the power of the sun and save energy everyday.


Opening up a whole new world of wall cladding possibilities for architects and designers.


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Our customer service excellence has long been and will always be one of our critical competitive advantages. We are driven by the desire to provide nothing but the best for your peace of mind.

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Beautiful Individual Bungalow in Singapore with Terreal's Peranakan 8 roof tiles.

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Advantages of a Clay Roof Tile!

✔Can last for many decades, much longer than many other roofing materials. And they require little maintenance to remain to good condition.

✔Clay also offers insulating properties. Because air can circulate under the tiles, inside temperatures remain warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

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Another latest addition to the Terreal roof tile 😍

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The Romane Origine is a true classic with proven reliability and installation simplicity. Manufactured in Malaysia, you can be sure of its quality and local adaptability. 😊

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Peranakan 8 is developed to provide the security and easy-laying inherent to a contemporary model of tile, yet preserving the traditional V-concept. Its innovative features of 8 V tiles in 1 (4 overs and 4 unders), reduces number of joints and cut down installation time. With its marvelous range of weathered tones, it gives a tropical resort charm.😊

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