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Building Sunshade Design Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
More Shade, Less Cost with Building Sunshade Designs

With rising energy costs, there is a need for architects and developers to adopt new and innovative ways to manage temperature and climate conditions inside buildings. Additionally, more building owners are looking to enhance comfort inside buildings by controlling the amount of sun entering a building. Building sunshade designs are excellent for blocking unwanted light while adding beauty to the building.

For many years, Terreal has utilized its unique experience to create innovative solutions for the building envelope. The company offers a variety of sunshade designs as part of its product line. Sunshades are more effective than traditional blinds, helping minimize glare and shielding occupants from the sun. Having the right sunshade designs provides building designers with another component with which to achieve a unique, modern building facade.

With our personalized solutions, our team closely works with the clients to provide a viable solution that is specific to the conditions of the project at hand. A comprehensive range of Terracotta sunshade components is available depending on client needs and requirements. Suitable shading devices should be well-integrated in the overall building envelope. Therefore, they should be considered in the early stages of the facade design. Customers want reliable sun control products that will create an appealing visual effect that they desire. Choosing from a variety of colors and finishes is thus critical for customer satisfaction.

It is critical that sunshade solutions using Terracotta are well engineered and form part of the facade design. Sunshade devices are the ideal combination of form and function. They are highly recommended for adding a distinctive element to a building. Additionally, they are effective in minimizing glare. Just like any conventional shades or blinds, terracotta sunshades provide shading to the building’s inhabitants. It’s worth noting that building sunshade designs vary with various building exposures.

Sunscreens are highly recommended for shading architecture. Besides sun protection, sunscreens offer unrivaled versatility in design. They are a fundamental part of the facades, helping minimize blinding effects while at the same time allowing visual contact with the outside. Designers use sunscreens to create depth and play with shadows. The shade percentage depends on the sun angles. As a result, there should be a consideration for summer solstice, equinoxes and winter solstice. Building sunshade designs differ in terms of surface finishes, hole patterns, and coatings. You can thus effectively match the designs with your project’s style.

Terreal takes pride in helping our diverse meet their building sunshade design needs. Our latest solutions are available in diverse options depending on individual requirements and architectural style of the building. Contact us today for a customized package.

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