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Decorative Cladding Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Terracotta – The Exemplary Decorative Cladding Material

For many decades, clay material has been utilized around the world for all kinds of building projects. Consequently, terracotta is highly recommended for contemporary buildings, especially when it comes to decoration, protection, and appeal. The material not only has excellent decorative benefits, but also many physical effects.

True to our customer-centric culture, Terreal has been providing worldwide clients with premium Terracotta tiles, Terracotta baguette, and bricks. The company upholds high technology and strict production standards. Terracotta is a new kind of decorative cladding material. More and more Terreal terracotta products are being used to transform the exteriors of landmark architectures. With Terracotta decorative cladding, you can be certain of utmost technical characteristics of the external wall.

Terreal has plenty of products to achieve unique and appealing facades for a variety of buildings, both residential and commercial. The company offers decorative cladding in contemporary colors and formats. Over the years, innovative industry players such as Terreal have developed fresh ideas in decorative cladding, providing new possibilities for architects and designers alike. Terracotta, with its unrivaled natural qualities, offers a multitude of colors and finishes to achieve the best of the best internal and external environments.

Terreal terracotta embodies high quality and long-lived performance with minimal maintenance. Decorative cladding using Terracotta is an innovative and durable solution to protect, isolate and magnify your building’s facades with attractive tiles. When it comes to decorative cladding, customers want the most aesthetically pleasing solution that will make their building stand out from the rest.

Clay tiles are cost-effective decorative cladding solutions. Suitable terracotta cladding should be compatible with a simple and fast fixing system. Also, a lightweight and flexible design enables easy renovation. The quick installation of terracotta makes it an economical option for decorative cladding.

Terreal also provides a comprehensive range of roofing components that are compatible with various cladding systems. The products are developed to offer simple installation. It is our ultimate goal that the roofing system has utmost water tightness, besides a highly aesthetic finishing.

Our company offers informed advice to designers and building owners alike, depending on preferred architecture and aesthetic. Through the enhanced insulation of our terracotta products, customers benefit from enhanced performance of both commercial buildings and housing. With us, quality and performance are built-in to ensure unmatched value for our clients. There is plenty to choose from. Contact us today for cost-friendly tailor-made terracotta cladding.

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