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Exposed Brick Tiles Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Exposed Brick Tiles

The epitome of sustainability, brick tiles have been the material of choice for commercial and residential buildings alike. The brick tile trend has taken over many contemporary building projects. Terreal brick slips are a true inspiration source in a practical and economical format. An exposed brick wall is an excellent look in interiors. Brick tiles add character and texture to a property, besides complementing an industrial, rustic or urban look in your home.

Authentic finish

There is a vast variety of brick slips available in the market. With exposed brick tiles, you benefit from the genuine look and feel of an authentic brick wall. Just like other terracotta bricks, you can be certain of utmost character, life, and warmth. Exposed brick tiles certainly beat a plain, painted wall. As a timeless material, you achieve the charm of tradition and the taste of contemporary.

Environmental friendliness

Exposed brick tiles are made using common earth materials, mostly clay and water. It is thus an environmentally friendly building solution. Also, they offer excellent protection against fire and severe weather. Brick tiles are all 100% natural. When it comes to making exposed brick tiles, companies such as Terreal utilize a manufacturing process that reduces, reuses and recycles.

Diverse applications

Exposed brick tiles are ideal for commercial and residential applications. You can use them for living rooms, restaurants, shops, among other applications. With exposed brick tiles, you can choose different color and variations.


Used properly, exposed brick tiles help achieve a wow factor to your rooms. Companies such as Terreal provide a full range of terracotta brick tiles to match varying architectural designs. There are plenty of hues to choose from. Quality brick tiles hardly fade rust or corrode. Exposed brick tiles offer a tool for expression, besides an unlimited source of creativity.

Tile fitting and maintenance

Exposed brick tiles are easy to install. It is highly recommended that you seek experienced professionals that will guarantee a quality finish that will offer long-lasting performance. The tiles are extremely low maintenance. The lasting nature and qualities of exposed brick tiles enhance the resale value of your building.

While many other materials can compete with exposed brick tiles in each of these areas, only very few can combine all these qualities at a time. Terreal is the go-to experts for terracotta products and services. With us, you benefit from excellent product knowledge and experience. Modern exposed brick tiles from Terreal offer optimal functionality. You want quality brick tiles, with a clean, professional finish that will enhance the aesthetics of your building. Contact us today for the best bargains in the market.

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