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Exterior Wall Covering Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Exterior wall covering

Do you want a building design that is unique and will differentiate your building design others? Exterior wall covering using terracotta is a viable option. It enables you to use a traditional authentic material in a contemporary setting. Terracotta is a proven technology for exterior wall cladding. Design using the material gives a modern look while at the same time getting unmatched performance from a natural building product.

For many years, Terreal has utilized the natural qualities of Terracotta to harden it and apply modern technology to come up with a multitude of unrivaled Terracotta products: bricks, roof tiles, flooring and wall cladding. With us, you have plenty to choose from in terms of terracotta cladding systems will enhance your facades.

Terracotta has been widely adopted in many building projects involving exterior wall covering. Its diverse application cuts across all kinds of commercial and residential building application. It is a material of choice for many architects, designers and building owners across the world. This can be mainly attributed to the following benefits:

Superior aesthetics

Many commercial and residential buildings across the world are clad in terracotta roofs and walls. Having the right terracotta exterior wall covering achieves an instant visual impact on the entire building’s appearance. Using one of the most traditional building materials to contemporary building gives your property warmth and rich character.

When Terracotta is used for external wall covering, the extremely appealing earth-tone colors and organic tones cannot go unnoticed. Consequently, Terracotta is the material of choice to complement modern designs.


When it comes to external wall covering, Terracotta is highly compatible and works well with other materials including wood, glass, and metal. As a result, it is highly recommended by architects and designers. The design possibilities from using Terracotta are endless.


Terracotta is light and weight and thus very ideal for external wall covering. Despite being lightweight, Terracotta is equal in performance to and aesthetics to heavier alternatives in the market. Also, it can be easily installed, whether for renovation or new building projects.

Why Terreal?

A formidable player in the industry, Terreal designs, and manufacturers the best of the best products in Terracotta wall cladding, sunscreens and roof tiles. The company boasts a wealth of experience in terra cotta production experience. Terreal has many state-of-the-art factories strategically situated in many regions around the world. With our automated processes and large production capacities, you can be certain of cost-friendly solutions that are tailored to your needs. Contact us today for a customized package.

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