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Home Protection Singapore

The Terreal group has expanded immensely to become a formidable player in the roofing industry. We have pooled together an enviable collection of elements for optimal home protection. Terreal offers a wide range of insulation foils, water heater, Façades and roof tiles depending on customer specifications. Our huge customer base has continually trusted us to provide complete home protection solutions.

Terreal has set an unmatched standard in our state of the art machinery. Our products are in accordance with local and international standards. Terreal continues to pioneer environmentally friendly products without compromising our exceptional standards and performance.

CoolMax™ insulation foil from Terreal offers unrivaled performance for your home insulation. The innovative product has been designed to offer top-notch insulation for both commercial and residential buildings. CoolMax™ reduces heat gain in your building during the day, while permitting heat dissipation at night. Our customers have continuously trusted the product for top-notch home protection, making inside environments more livable. Utilizing the latest insulation technology, CoolMax™ has proven performance and durability. Terreal CoolMax™ is a viable investment for your long-lived home protection. CoolMax™ is environmentally friendly and out greens all other insulating foils in the market.

CoolMax™ products are highly effective fire retardants, blocking as much as 97% of incoming radiation heat. Through minimized heat gain, minimal energy will be needed to adjust room temperatures to comfortable levels. During the day, it is critical that radiation heat is minimized for sufficient home protection. CoolMax™ offers economical thermal protection for your home. Terreal fire retardant foils pose no health or safety risks. In a fire situation, fire retardant foils have a non-combustible surface that eliminates the spread of flame. CoolMax™ has a proven fire safety record. Terreal designed the product to allow easy installation. This ensures quick turnaround of your home protection projects.

SolarMax™ from Terreal uses innovative solar technology to provide reliable and economical water heating solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Our customers have embraced SolarMax™ due to its proven performance and durability. SolarMax™ water heaters are hazard free and environmentally friendly. They thus help maintain your home protection, while boosting global environmental conservation efforts. SolarMax™ is compatible with a comprehensive range of roofing systems. The product is highly recommended for minimizing your gas and electricity bills. Terreal SolarMax™ is leakage free and requires minimal maintenance.

Our revolutionary facades are highly recommended in building construction. Terreal innovative wall cladding techniques offer maximum wall protection. Our facades are compatible with Terreal roofing products. Terreal cladding systems exploit the natural qualities of terracotta with many colours and finishes to achieve exciting external beauty.

Terreal innovative wall cladding techniques have been widely adopted by architects and designers alike. We have adopted emerging technologies in ventilated facades and sunscreens, to provide unrivaled wall protection. Our exclusive wall cladding techniques provide new inspiration for a wide range of architectural designs. We take pride in maintaining utmost quality and performance to ensure long-lived home protection.

Terreals exclusive roofing tiles are the epitome of sustainability. Our prestigious profiles have been widely adopted for a wide range of building projects. With superior solar and thermal reflectance, Terreal tiles are designed to ensure unmatched roof protection for our customers. With Terreal clay tiles, clients achieve exclusive aesthetics for both commercial and residential buildings.

We work closely with our clients to provide customized home protection solutions.  Excellent customer service has been key to Terreal maintaining a competitive edge in the market. It is our desire to provide nothing but the best to all our customers.


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