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Roof Sealant Singapore

SealMax is the unrivaled sealant you can trust. The innovative roof sealant from Terreal has completely changed the game in the roof sealant market. The multipurpose, nonstaining sealant offers unrivaled strength and adhesion characteristics. The roof sealant is based on hybrid silyl modified polyether technology. SealMax has been widely adopted for providing reliable roof sealant solutions. The product has applied the latest technologies regarding roof sealing.  It is highly recommended for both industrial bonding and sealing applications.

Terreal, one of the key players in the roofing industry, offers a roof sealant that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. With SealMax, we deliver a roof sealant that is way ahead of the curve. Terreal roof sealant delivers impeccable sealing and boding performance. SealMax is ideal for sealing small cracks which may affect the performance of your roof. The roof sealant is paintable, thus maintaining the desired aesthetics of your roof.

SealMax ensures high bonding strength. The roof sealant is ideal for ensuring weather-proof joints between various substrates including roofs, gutter, wall sheets, down pipes, sheet metal water tanks, composite structures and etc. Terrel designed the roof sealant to be highly effective in both interior and exterior environments.

SealMax roof sealant is solvent and isocyanate-free and may be painted over with a wide range of paints.

SealMax application requires minimal effort and is time-saving.  Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, oil or loose particles before the application of the roof sealant. Also, Loose or flaking paint must be removed before the application of the roof sealant.

SealMax roof sealant should be applied in a wave-like pattern for extensive areas.

The roof sealant is easy to apply and easily fills the narrowest of gaps and bonds. SealMax is thus highly recommended for fixing leaks in your roofing system. The roof sealant also has low VOC, further enhancing its effectiveness and reliability. SealMax offers maximum compatibility with all the roofing tiles manufactured by Terreal.

Working with right professionals ensures the long-term performance of your roof sealant after application. For optimal adhesion, at least one surface should be porous or absorbent. It is critical that the roof sealant of your choice offers excellent UV & Weather resistance. Suitable roof sealants, such as SealMax are Non-dirt streaking and do not crack.

Terreal’s roof sealant offers tough and long-lasting watertight bond. Our enviable customer base has trusted SealMax to provide superior weather resistance. The roof sealant has undergone rigorous independent testing to ensure customer satisfaction.


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