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Roofing Systems Singapore

Need a complete roofing system? Terreal got you covered. Terreal has an enviable reputation in the industry, offering the most comprehensive roof systems. We are dedicated to providing complete roof systems-from the various Roof Tiles, CoolMax insulation foil and SolarMax heaters, to the Facade (wall cladding).

Terreal has pooled together all the necessary elements you need to achieve a high-performance modern roof system. The company offers a wide range of roofing products, depending on customer specifications. Terreal has grown to be a global player in the roofing industry. We have been tasked with providing complete roofing systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Terreal roof tiles are the roofing materials of choice. We offer a wide range of tiles when it comes to high-end housing and quality. Terreal works closely with our clients to give your home that exclusive beauty and impressive aesthetics. Terreal’s clay tiles are the epitome of sustainability. With a superior solar and thermal reflectance, clay tiles offer unrivaled environmentally friendly roofs compared to any other material.

Clay tiles are highly effective radiators, naturally minimizing penetration of radiant heat during the day while re-emitting heat to the outside environment at night. Terreal clay tiles last many years with zero maintenance or refinishing .The tiles have a standard 10-year warranty.

Terreal roof tiles are all 100% natural, recyclable and made from locally sourced materials. Our clay tiles act as energy savers. Terreal tiles also offer natural sound insulation.

Customized color and style selections ensure your roof perfectly blends in with the existing streetscape. We work closely with our clients to achieve the desired roofing effect.

Terreal innovative wall cladding techniques have been widely adopted by architects and designers around the globe. The company has promoted fresh ideas in ventilated facades, or sunscreens. Terreal upholds quality and performance in its cladding systems. We offer facades that are perfectly compatible with modern roof systems.

Solar insulation is a critical part of modern roofing systems. Terreal CoolMax™ have completely changed the game. Providing unrivalled heat protection, CoolMax™ Thermal Reflective Insulation is way ahead of the curve in its efficiency. Without a proper insulation material below the roofing tiles, solar energy heats the roofing tiles and through it, the attic and ceiling, causing temperatures to rise inside your house. CoolMax™ Thermal Reflective Insulation from Terreal reduces heat during the day and permits heat dissipation during the night. Installing CoolMax™ makes your air conditioning less costly and more energy efficient. CoolMax™ also makes inside environments more comfortable and livable.

How can you enhance your roofing system to get an unlimited supply of free hot water? Our answer is simple: the power of the sun, the only green and free source of energy. SomarMAX™ harnesses solar energy, allowing homeowners to save considerable energy every day. The sun is the only green and free energy source. SomarMAX™ has been widely adopted around the globe, especially due to the innovative and cost-saving water heating capabilities. It is a thus a common feature in many modern roof systems.

The role of Roofing components in a roofing system cannot be overstated. Terreal has a wide range of roofing components and fittings to enhance installation and maintenance. Roofing components also ensure perfect water tightness and highly aesthetic finishing for optimal performance.



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