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Sun Protection Building Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Importance of Sun Protection Solutions for Your Building

When it comes to modern architecture, there is a constant need to achieve a healthy and comfortable living environment. For many years, Terreal has designed and manufactured an unmatched range of terracotta baguettes rich in shapes and length. Terracotta sunscreens offer a wide range of use and aesthetic. More and more building owners prefer the material, especially for protection from the sun and decoration of facades. The benefits of solar protection include but are not limited to: thermal comfort, visual comfort and aesthetic comfort.

Thermal comfort

The nature of the facade is a critical factor with regards to thermal comfort. Outdoor sun protection is the ideal solution to prevent overheating. Full customization is critical in order to meet the construction demands of the project at hand. Dynamic shading systems come in handy for sun protection, helping achieve more comfortable living and working environments.

Visual Comfort

It is highly recommended that the design of your building allows sufficient light to enter, consequently minimizing the use of artificial light. Managing natural light depends on several factors including weather and desired comfort level in your building. Suitable sun protection methods should help capture sufficient natural light. It’s worth noting that uncontrolled natural light can disrupt the comfort inside buildings. Without proper solar protection, a building has unsuitable glare levels leading to uncomfortable working and living environments.

Aesthetic Comfort

Many sun protection facades help enhance the aesthetic quality of your building. A comprehensive range of design and colors are available to suit specific aesthetic needs. Making an informed choice with regards to sun protection ensures that your building not only looks good but is also energy efficient. Working with the right professionals is important in order to receive eexpert design and engineering assistance.


Customers want sun shades and sun screens solutions that are built to offer the best protection solutions, besides being energy efficient. Also, a suitable sun protection should harmonize with your building’s exterior. Terreal sunscreens are designed to offer excellent protection from harmful UV rays, while enabling a cool indoor and outdoor space. Our suncreens are suitable for commercial and residential buildings alike, where sun protection is fundamental. With the advancement in technology, sun protection solutions are now more customizable to suit specific needs.

For many decades, Terreal brand has been synonymous with quality and value. Aiming for customer satisfaction, we take pride in developing the best of the best products on the market. You deserve the best, and Terreal ensures that your sunscreens will exceed your expectations of quality and aesthetics. Our products are tested to ensure ease of use.

Terreal is your company of choice for sun protection solutions. Contact us today for a discussion regarding your sun protection needs.

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