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Terracotta Louver Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
Terracotta Louver Supplier

Terreal has a wealth of experience in the clay building materials market. Consequently, the company offers innovative solutions when it comes to sunscreens. We offer an extensive range of ventilated facades designed to meet varying customer needs. Terreal has been fuelled by an innovative culture and high-quality production to make its name in the terracotta market. It is our goal that the aesthetic benefit of your sunscreen is evident from both inside and outside the building. Looking for suitable sunscreens for your building? We are the company of choice for top-of-the-line terracotta louvers.

As a reputable player in the market, it is our goal that the material used for making the terracotta lovers is natural and environmentally friendly. With the use of the latest technology relating to sunscreens, Terreal designs a variety of shapes of Terracotta louvers while keeping the primary features of durability and resistance unchanged.

The range of terracotta profiles from Terreal offer excellent fire resistance. Using innovative solutions, Terreal exploits the natural qualities of Terracotta with a myriad of colors and finishes to achieve unmatched quality and performance. Through our cladding systems and Terracotta Louvers, we aim to create exciting new external and internal environments.

Both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, terracotta louvers are available in a wide variety of profiles, colors, and finishes. It’s worth noting that terracotta as a building material has excellent qualities, especially due to its warm colors complemented by the sensation of “naturally”. Terracotta louvers offer excellent durability. The material requires minimal maintenance with excellent resistance to degradation factors. It’s a material of choice for designers and architects alike, as they are reliable in maintaining proper functions for many years.

Terracotta louvers are an essential part of the facade. The use of terracotta louvers grants various benefits to building owners. Besides reducing heat dispersions, the material reduces the thermal impact on the building. It significantly reduces the use of air-conditioning. They enhance thermal comfort, let natural light in and help minimize blinding effects without blocking visual contact from outside. They are a material of choice for bringing facades to life.

Louvers create depth and allow designers to play with shadows while enhancing control of sunlight input and optimization of natural daylight. As a result, building owners can achieve artistic light and shadow effects. Varying sun angles are considered for optimal performance, for example, Summer Solstice 39°, Equinoxes 45°, Winter Solstice 21°.

Terreal is a customer-centric organization. In this regards, our terracotta louvers are cost-effective, besides allowing simple and fast installation. A wide range of shapes and colors can be pixelated. When it comes to large sunscreens, our terracotta louvers offer applications in diverse projects and offer many options to express rich and lasting architectural ideas.

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