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Vertical Sunscreen Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand
The Basics You Should Know About Vertical Sunscreen

Vertical sunscreens are a cost effective way to bring facades to life. The versatility of Terracotta complements all the advantages of terracotta to achieve solar protection, screening or wall cladding. Vertical sunscreens, just like other sunscreens offer a wide range of architectural choices. They are economical for both residential and commercial applications. Vertical sunscreens are primarily used for their effective solar protection.

Terracotta vertical sunscreens are the materials of choice for providing solar protection, besides reducing air conditioning cost. Terreal sunscreen systems are built to perfection, enabling easy assembly on site and quick installation on aluminum framework. The systems are well engineered with a modular design that allows changing of the center spacing between sunscreen rows as well as their orientation. The company upholds architectural freedom, thus vertical and horizontal installation of the different sunscreens on offer. Vertical sunscreens enable simple and fast installation.

Large vertical sunscreens offer a modern look, especially due to their long lengths. Consequently, designers and building owners are able to realize their full architectural creative potential. Vertical sunscreens accommodate a comprehensive range of projects, whether to protect from sunlight or decorate façades. Additionally, customers benefit from many options to express rich, unique and lasting architectural ideas.

Sunscreen system from Terreal is easily assembled on site. Subsequently, the system is quickly installed on a framework. The fixing system is made of aluminum and stainless steel. Consequently, you can rest assured of long-lived performance, besides non-corrosiveness. There is versatility in terms of choice of spacing and length. The fixing systems boast quality finish, with customers choosing any color preference.

When it comes to vertical sunscreen, the shape, color, and dimensions of the sunscreen majorly depend on customer preference. A large format helps achieve a modern aesthetic. It is critical that sunscreen elevation is customized for maximum comfort of occupants, besides building performance.

Proper installation of vertical sunscreen enhances thermal comfort in summer, besides appropriate solar heat gain in winter. Also, occupants benefit from glare protection. With proper day lighting as a result of the use of sunscreens, there is less need for artificial light. Additionally, vertical sunscreens are effective in connecting inside and outside spaces.

Many clients have trusted our sunscreens to shape the aesthetic and identity of their buildings. Over the years, Terreal has adopted cutting edge production techniques in order to provide the best of the best products in the market. Contact us today for a customized package.

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