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Advantages of Terracotta Wall Cladding Designs

Wall cladding designs have significantly evolved over the last couple of decades. In contemporary buildings, Terracotta has become the designers’ color palette for inspiration and creativity. When it comes to wall cladding, a myriad of options are available for architects. Consequently, choosing suitable material and designs for your project can be a challenge.

In modern projects, the creativity being witnessed as a result of using Terracotta cladding is to be admired. Choice of Terracotta for wall cladding designs is a step in the right direction.. It is a durable proven technology with many applications in the building industry.  Terracotta is ideal for both interior and exterior wall cladding designs. The benefits of the cladding material in wall cladding include:


Terracotta should be your material of choice if you looking for visually appealing solutions for your wall cladding. When it comes to interior wall cladding, Terracotta helps achieve a striking hue that perfectly reflects the natural light, subsequently blending harmoniously with windows.

The decorative properties of Terracotta cannot be overstated. There is no doubt that Terracotta cladding designs have a unique and appealing look for residential and commercial buildings alike. Use wall cladding solutions from Terreal to achieve an instant facelift for your building elements.


Terracotta is an extremely versatile material. As a result, it excellent for shaping varying designs to form out of the box and interesting architectural designs. It is thus a favorite cladding material for designers and architects alike. With Terracotta, you have a comprehensive range of direct finishes to improve the sensation of naturalness of the wall cladding designs. Also, it’s worth noting that the material is lightweight hence easy to install.


Rainscreen cladding systems with Terracotta are ideal for protecting the structure of the building from extreme weather conditions while at the same time achieving an appealing finish. Terracotta helps in energy reduction throughout your property. This is enabled by boosting air flow between the cladding system and substrate. Terracotta is excellent in handling atmospheric extremes.

Durable And Sustainable For Life.

Terracotta offers rich natural qualities. It is a material of choice for long-lasting wall cladding designs with minimal maintenance. Also, it is an environmentally sound solution.


Terracotta cladding designs are generally economically friendly. Also, innovative cladding systems have been developed, making wall cladding designs practical and cost-effective.

At Terreal, our continued commitment to innovation and quality ensures that Terracotta remains the benchmark for excellence. Contact us today for a deeper insight into wall cladding, or any queries that you may have. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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